Production Team Auditions!

Production Team Auditions

May 20, 2021


Christina’s Dance World

What is CDW Production Team?
This is for the dedicated and serious class of dancers who enjoy singing and acting as well as dancing. This group will learn extravagant numbers for our production shows. And this is the group that will represent CDW when called out into the community as well as perform at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL.

How do I qualify for auditions?
You have to be at least 6 years old and turning 7 by February 10, 2022. Be prepared to take at least 3 hours of dance a week at Christina’s Dance World. If you are an actor or a singer with no dance experience you can audition to be a principal in the group.

What is a principal?
A Principal is someone with a special talent that can be featured in the dance/production numbers. For instance, if you’re an actor or a singer, you will learn to “move” with the chorus of dancers while you perform your best talent. Just like you see on Broadway!

Show us what you’ve got!
With all the above being said, if you are an outsider of Christina’s Dance World with a special talent (ie: a musician, acrobat, juggler, hoola hooping, flexible yoga etc.) please consider auditioning for our production team.

When do we meet each week?
Production Team class is every Tuesday at your appointed time after school hours. Jr. Team are ages 6-9 and Sr. Team, ages 10 and above.

What do I wear for auditions?
Big smiles, great attitude, proper dance attire. Black leotard and hot shorts, tan or pink tights and have all dance shoes in your dance bag. Pull hair neatly out of face.

Our goal!
Our goal is to nurture and grow driven personalities and sculpture the technique in a talented dancer. Giving these students a safe place to have fellowship and receive God’s love through music and dance. Creating elaborate choreographed routines to perform with people ages 6-60 and up! So please trust that we know how to coordinate all ages while creating and choreographing our routines for the Production Team.