I would be remiss if I did not take the time to thank you for bearing witness to our community in such a unique way.  Your love for God, Family, Friends and Dance is inspiring.  I am so honored to have my little granddaughter, “Aubree Rose”, in your dance world.  Looking forward to many more recitals.



About a month ago I wanted to start dancing again but didn’t know how to go about it. I ran into  Terry Burns at Wake Up and she led me to Christina. So I emailed Christina and told her my situation and she said, “come on!” So I did!
Not only did she welcome me with open arms and a warm hug but she has continued to encourage me and the other girls with Princess Devotions (which we love) and prayer. I cannot tell you the impact being at Christina’s Dance Word has had in my life. An encouraging place to dance and let go of life was just what I needed and the Lord provided this through Christina.
So- come out and watch us all dance in the Christmas Production. Not only because it’s going to be so fun and awesome but also to support what the Lord is doing here with Christina and all the girls, young and old, that she pours into.

Hi Christina,
Lilly, Chloe and I enjoyed our experience in your studio today! I am very excited to see where your instruction will take Lilly. The focus on God, etiquette and your obvious dedication to discipline is appreciated.

We will definitely plan to attend a “Ms Christina’s Big Day” as soon as possible!

With respect,

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“The moment you meet Christina you can’t help but smile (and start moving your feet) as you’re impacted by her contagious energy and love for dancing! She’s so much fun that my preschooler has a blast during class, barely even realizing how much she’s learning! Christina has a gift for being able to shift gears quickly to work with the attention span of younger kids instead of fighting against it. And, I absolutely love that my daughter and I can dance together during the mommy-and-me class! It’s a special time for the two of us. Christina genuinely loves and enjoys her students and her work. It’s amazing how much my daughter recognizes and responds to that love! And my mommy heart is thrilled to see that!! Christina’s Dance World has been such a gift to our family!”

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Hey Mrs. Christina,
I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. You have taught me how to be myself. You have shown me that everyone is beautiful, special, and talented. Thank you for being my Role Model and my inspiration! I love to dance and I can feel God’s love and presence when I am there. The studio is my favorite place to be. Dancing is my happy place and I thank you so much for this joy. Thank you for loving me, believing in me, and teaching me! I love you so very much!                                                                                                                                     
Savanna Grace

Five months ago I started the “Stretch and Relaxation” class with Christina of Christina’s Dance World. What initially started out as just stretching turned into much more! She taught me how to breathe properly while stretching which really enhanced the experience. I immediately started to incorporate this breathing technique into my daily walk. I began to notice how much easier I moved and how even my balance had improved. As time passed, we did more intense stretching and more balance routines-I am more limber today than I have been is years.

Christina has a beautiful studio with hard wood floors and plenty of natural sunlight. It is a joy to go there twice a week and work with my good friends.Oh, and I have also lost some weight and inches too. Christina is so knowledgable about the body, the muscle groups, tendons, bones etc. and always gives great advice. She makes the experience so pleasant that this is not something I feel I have to do but something I want to do.

From the very first visit, we hit it off and have become close friends. When I look back on my week it gives me a feeling of great accomplishment to know that I have spent two hours taking care of myself and the body that God gave me.

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